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While developing a Shopify site we encountered the issue of wanting to add custom content or meta data to a product page. There weren't any options in the product settings that matched what we wanted to achieve - adding product specific pdf-files and movies.

The option we found to be suggested was to use metafields, a module for Shopify, but we didn't want to make a big hassle of poking around in the Shopify API.

Our solution? We decided to use the product tags. If we wanted to add a pdf-file to a product we added the tag file:filename.pdf or if we wanted to add a video we wrote video:youtubeID. By doing this we could with ease control what was added to each product.

Code example for tags containing video:

{% for tag in product.tags %}
    {% if tag contains 'video:'%}
            <iframe src="\{\{ tag | replace: 'video:', ''\}\}"></iframe>
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
Alexandra Bjelkholm

Alexandra Bjelkholm


Alexandra Bjelkholm jobbar som front-end utvecklare på Vinnovera.

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